Chat Rules!.

These are the chat rules!

Rule 1!

Because our site is for ages 13 or older we ask that you do not swear in our chat room!

Rule 2!

sub4sub is allowed in this chat - But please dont spam, and only post 1 sub4sub message per page!

Rule 3!

 No Spamming, Spamming is strictly forbidden and NOT tolerated what so ever in our Chat Room.

Rule 4!

 Bullying and personal attacks towards other members/users is NOT tolerated what so ever in our site/forum.

Rule 5!

 No rudeness to mods or admins!

Rule 6!

 When mods or admins tell you not to do something, LISTEN TO THEM or you will be warned and banned!

Final Information!

 Failure to comply with the above rules will result in you being banned from the chat and or the forum,   for a specific timeframe or even a lifetime ban!