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Forum Rules!

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Forum Rules!

by DreamRJ » Sun Jul 26, 2015 12:25 pm

Tube Nations rules
Here at Tube Nations we would like to ensure that the following rules are not broken so that everyone who visits and/or uses the site has a positive experience:
Forum rules
• No spamming of any kind
• No hateful posts (racism, sexism, discrimination ect).
• No flaming of any kind (flaming is a hostile behaviour between internet users).
• No illegal activities are to be conducted through Tube Nations, and if necessary your information will be passed on to the relative authority.
• Do not abuse the report user.
• You must do as a moderator/admin says.
• Before posting a question check that it has not already been entered into Tube Nation's FAQ.
• No offensive signatures
• No swearing
• Bumping of inactive threads is not allowed
• Tube Nations aims solely to advertise your YouTube channel and videos, you may not use Tube Nation to advertise anything other than your YouTube account.
Chat room rules
• Do not spam the chat room .
• No hateful messages are to be sent via the chat room.
• No flaming others through the chat room.
Submitting video rules
• Videos are not to contain any form of hate and/or discrimination.
• If a video is submitted to our database that contains flaming of anyone you will be banned.
• Supporting of illegal acts via videos promoted by Tube Nation's will result in a ban and the relevant authorities will be contacted. You must respect the laws from your Country of origin at all times whilst using Tube Nation and any of its features.

Bans and warnings
• If you have been banned and would like to appeal the ban please click the following link
• A user may accumulate three warning before action is taken against them (this can be a temporary suspension or a permanent ban). There are circumstances in which a user will be banned before they reach three warnings (for severe rule breaking).

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